Add On – Infusionsoft

  1. First requirement for this add-on to work is you need to have a developer account in infusionsoft. If you don’t have an account you can sign up here in all the information needed.
  2. Once you registered check your email for the confirmation and click the link provided in the email and you will log in directly to your developer account and you can get the Client ID and Client Secret which you will need for this integration of infusionsoft and Gravity 2 PDF to work.
  3. Copy the Client ID and Secret and paste it to a notepad.
  4. Next step to do is to log in to your Infusionsoft account that you want to link the Gravity 2 PDF. Note your Infusionsoft account is different from your Infusionsoft Developer account.
  5. Log in to your wordpress account. It should be something like (Change to your real domain)
  6. Navigate to the left side panel of the dashboard look for the Gravity 2 PDF menu and select Add-ons to start adding the add-ons.
  7. Once the Add-on section is loaded. Click the Install text below the add-on you want to install. In this case we need to install Gravity 2 PDF – Infusionsoft
  8. Next step is to activate the add-on you just installed. Click the Activate text below the add-on.
  9. Once activated it will be automatically added to Gravity 2 PDF Settings.
  10. Now we will add the API Key and Secret to our newly added plug-in. At the left side navigation of the dashboard hover your mouse to Gravity 2 PDF and click Infusionsoft.
  11. Add the Client ID and Secret you got from creating your Infusionsoft app to their respective textbox and once it is added click Save. And then click the Get Access Token.
  12. After you click the button I will ask you to log in to your Infusionsoft account if you are not logged in but if you are logged in already it will ask for your permission to grant access to the app that you created.
  13. Now we will use the newly added Plug-in to our Merge PDF Setting. To do that hover your mouse to Gravity 2 PDF and Click Gravity 2 PDF. Look for the Merge you want to add the Infusionsoft Add-on and click Edit.
  14. Scroll down at the bottom part of the page and at the Delivery Type dropdown menu look for Infusionsoft option and click Add.
  15. It will add an area of fields to the page which will ask you what tags to be applied and to be removed to the user. There is also an option where it will create a new user if the email provided in the PDF cannot be found in your infusionsoft account.
  16. Once all the configuration is done hit save and test the setting.