Add On – Onedrive

  1. First step is to make sure you have a Microsoft account but if not you can register always. Go to this page so you can start building your app for the integration.
  2. Once logged in you will be redirected to a quick start welcome page. Click the Web option to start building your app.
  3. Add the application name you will use for this One Drive and Gravity 2 PDF Click the create button once done and at the second page click the Quit Quick Start Up text at the top right corner of the page.
  4. You will be redirected to the page where your application ID is listed. Get the application ID and paste it to a notepad. After that click Generate New Password button to get your app password and this will be used for the integration of One Drive and Gravity 2 PDF. After you copied the ID and password. Click the Add Platform button.
  5. Click the Web
  6. Add you wordpress admin link to the text box provided. 
  7. Once done hit Save.
  8. Log in to your wordpress account. It should be something like (Change to your real domain)
  9. Navigate to the left side panel of the dashboard look for the Gravity 2 PDF menu and select Add-ons to start adding the add-ons.
  10. Once the Add-on section is loaded. Click the Install text below the add-on you want to install. In this case we need to install Gravity 2 PDF – One Drive
  11. Next step is to activate the add-on you just installed. Click the Activate text below the add-on.
  12. Once activated it will be automatically added to Gravity 2 PDF Settings.
  13. Now we will add the API Key and Secret to our newly added plug-in. At the left side navigation of the dashboard hover your mouse to Gravity 2 PDF and click One Drive. 
  14. Add the Client ID and Password to the App key and secret respectively that you got from creating your One Drive app and once it is added click Save. Then click the Get Access Token.
  15. After you click the button I will ask you to log in to your Dropbox account if you are not logged in but if you are logged in already it will automatically paste the Token in the text area provided and it will automatically save itself. Don’t hit the save button again or it will clear the token and you need to generate another one.
  16. Now we will use the newly added Plug-in to our Merge PDF Setting. To do that hover your mouse to Gravity 2 PDF and Click Gravity 2 PDF. Look for the Merge you want to add the Onedrive Add-on and click Edit.
  17. Scroll down at the bottom part of the page and at the Delivery Type dropdown menu look for OneDrive option and click Add.
  18. It will add a textbox to the page which will ask you to name the folder you want to store the file. You can use also some user variables and gravity form IDs as well to keep your files organized.
  19. Once all the configuration is done, test the setting and you will see the folder will be created in your One Drive account with the file inside it.