Add On – Signature

    1. Log in to your wordpress account. It should be something like (Change to your real domain)
    2. Navigate to the left side panel of the dashboard look for the Gravity 2 PDF menu and select Add-ons to start adding the add-ons.
    3. Once the Add-on section is loaded. Click the Install text below the add-on you want to install. In this case we need to install Gravity 2 PDF – Signature.
    4. Next step is to activate the add-on you just installed. Click the Activate text below the add-on.
    5. Once activated it will be automatically added to Gravity 2 PDF Settings.
    6. Now we need to install the Signature Add-on to your Gravity Forms. If you already have that is great but if not you need to add it. Navigate to the left side navigation and hover your mouse to Forms and click Add-Ons.
    7. Once loaded look for the Signature Add-ons plug in for your Gravity form and click the Install button and make sure to activate the plug in.
    8. Now that the signature add on is installed the next step is to create a signature field in your gravity form. To do that navigate to the left navigation of your wordpress site and select Forms -> Forms.
    9. Your Forms will be loaded and select the form that you want to edit and add a signature field.
    10. Now Click the Signature Field under the Advance Fields Section of Gravity Form and drag the button to the area where you can add it.
    11. Add the field label of the signature which you need to remember when you start merging your form to you PDF. You can also click the checkbox to make the field required.
    12. You can also add as many signature as you need.
    13. This is how the signature field functions. It is a digital signature and this will be printed directly to your PDF.
    14. The next step we need to do is to have an extra space in your PDF where you can print this / these signature(s). It is important because this field will not be added as a computer-generated text or any abbreviations. This field will be printed directly to the PDF that you will be using during the merge.
    15. Now we will use the newly added Plug-in to our Merge PDF Setting. To do that hover your mouse to Gravity 2 PDF and Click Gravity 2 PDF. Look for the Merge you want to add the Signature Add-on and click Edit.
    16. Scroll down at the bottom part of the page and at the Gravity Form Signature there 2 dropdowns and 2 text boxes. The dropdown Signature is the section where you need to select which signature field you want to use for the PDF merge. The Page Placement is the section where you can select on what page you want your Signature to be added. The Placement Co-Ordinates will indicate the position of the Signature on the page. 
    17. The Placement Co-Ordinates X and Y starting point are in the top left corner of your document. So the X co-ordinate is the position from the left to right of the page. The Y co-ordinate is the position from top to bottom of the page.
    18. Now you need to make sure to test your co-ordinates before publishing your form and merge otherwise the signature positioning will be not so good.
    19. Once the needed settings are added hit the Add button.
    20. Once all the configuration is done hit save and test your form.