Paragraph Text Gravity 2 PDF Mapping

  1. Open the PDF Creator application of your choice.
  2. On your PDF document, create a text field.
  3. Use the Form Fields of your PDF Creator.
  4. Click the “Form” tab from the menu tab of your PDF Creator à Select the text field icon to add a single text field to your PDF.
  5. Click the area where you want to add your text field. Click the box to resize the field and make it a Paragraph Field.
  6. Once the size is modified. Let’s start adding the correct field description and option to make the field a paragraph field. To do that right click the field and select Properties.
  7. On the General a Name field will show up and add the desired Field Name of the field which will be used for next step in mapping the PDF to your Form.
  8. Next click the Options to make sure the field will be a paragraph text. Click the Multi-Line option to make sure that the text will be in paragraph type.
  9. Once done adding the fields hit save button publish the PDF file.
  10. Next step is importing the PDF file to your site and mapping the fields.
  11. Log in to your wordpress account. It should be something like (Change to your real domain).
  12. Navigate to the left side panel of the dashboard look for the Gravity 2 PDF menu and select New Merge.
  13. Once the page is loaded add the information need for the merge. Add the name of the Merge to the Name field provided -> then Upload the PDF you created and select the Form you want to associate to the PDF you created.
  14. Then add more information to the other areas. At the File Name text field add your desired title of the file to be generated once the form filled out. Also an additional setting you can attach a field to the filename, select the field you want to add from the text box below the File Name. Also you can add a timestamp to the File once it is created, Click the check box and it will add a timestamp.
  15. Next step is mapping the fields of your PDF to the fields of your Form and set up the delivery of the PDF. At the Map Fields section select the Form Field from the Gravity Form Fields that you want to match to your PDF. Then select the Field you want to associate to your Lastly select a delivery type you want, there are 2 options which are via email or direct download.
  16. Once done click the save button and all the settings will be added.