1. Gravity 2 PDF has added two Shortcodes to be used to show users or admins all their “merged PDF documents”
        [ gf2pdf_all_entries ]


    1. To use the shortcodes you must select “Save Merge Entries” on the merge.  When this box is selected Gravity 2 PDF will have a copy of all merged PDF documents in the database.  You can then use the shortcodes to display completed PDFs.
    2. The shortcode:
      [ gf2pdf_user_entries ]
    3. Will display completed merges to the currently signed in user.  So the correct way to use this function would be to add this shortcode to a page that is only accessible for a logged in user.  When used in conjunction with a membership, or user access plugin this is a very powerful plugin that would allow you to display Gravity Forms to a user who is signed into your website, then show them the results of the completed documentation on a page available in their profile.
    4. The shortcode:


  1. Is used to display a list of all entries submitted.  We intended for this shortcode to primarily be used by site administrators who may have front end management.  The shortcode will display all “merged PDF” documents, as well as the user who submitted the entry, and the time of the entry.